Whether your interests include archaeology, local social and medical history, aircraft, MTBs or paddle steamers, there will be something to catch your eye in one of our 14 fascinating exhibition areas.


Don’t forget that the Museum building itself is also of historical significance as it was once a submarine mining establishment and unique in that’s it considered to be the only one left in the world. Built in 1878, the Museum still has tramway tracks embedded in the floor which were used to transport mines. Visitors to the museum can discover how mines were assembled, packed and stored, and why they became obsolete.


Each year, in the Felgate Room, there are new exhibitions to enjoy. In 2021 we opened with ‘Last Stop Felixstowe Pier’.  This brand new display on the advent of the railway to Felixstowe tells of the vision of Colonel Tomline and its importance for the future of the peninsula.