The Museum’s archaeology collections, spanning several millenia of life in this region, are on display in the Trewick Room. Can you imagine a time when mammoths were roaming across Europe? A huge mammoth tooth found near Landguard Point gives us some idea of the size of these elephant-like creatures. Several thousand years after the last mammoths became extinct, this peninsula was occupied by the Romans. Whilst ancient roof tiles and fragments of building materials tell us that there were Roman buildings in Felixstowe, the coins, pots and jewellery that their inhabitants left behind give us an insight into their daily lives. Although many of the early Roman finds in Felixstowe and Walton went to other museums, Felixstowe Museum has an important collection of 1st to 4th century artefacts.

The Museum is also home to some beautiful Medieval coins, all found on our doorstep. We hope you enjoy this gallery which showcases some of the must-see objects in our archaeological collections.