What’s new in ’22?


In the Felgate Room:

Frankie goes to Felixstowe

A fantastic new exhibition on the 1980s, the decade that brought us the mullet hairstyle, shoulder pads, shell suits, leg warmers, ‘Shaddap You Face’ and ‘The Empire Strike Back’.   We also celebrate the 40th anniversary of opening the doors of Felixstowe Museum to the public in 1982.


In the Wiseman (RAF) Room:

The aircraft display has been updated to include more models of planes that were built or tested at Felixstowe – courtesy of the family of the late Derek Freeman, a much valued ex-volunteer renowned for his authentic model making.


In the Naval Room:

This is a new feature on Warship Week 1942 explaining how, as part of the war effort, the people of Felixstowe raised £70,000 for the purchase of a Motor Torpedo Boat.

There’s also an updated display on Felixstowe’s part in the D Day landings and its aftermath.